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  • <h1>Who we are</h1><p>KavNiya Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a professionally well disciplined, organized and an ISO 9001 2008 certified Software Development company. </p><p><a href='who_we_are.php'>Read More</a></p>
  • Exploiting the mobility bases

  • <h1>Stuff we do</h1><p>KavNiya has immense experience in developing a wide range of web applications ranging...</p><span><a href='stuff-we-do.php'>Read More</a></span>
  • Standardized business practices

  • <h1>Technologies & Tools</h1><p>Across the board Software Development in: <br>1. Windows   2. Java   3. Mobility   4. General</p><p><a href='techandtools.php'>Read More</a></p>
  • Stand-out tech's in use

  • <h1>Testimonials</h1><p>You are the company you keep.</p><p><a href='testimonials.php'>Read More</a></p>
  • Timely deliverance

  • <h1>Reach us at</h1><p>Offshore Development Facility in India<br>145 Singaravelar Street 1st Cross,
Chennai.</p><p><a href='contactus.php'>Read More</a></p>

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